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Welcome to our specialist library of local and Internet resources which are here to help you understand and find evidence to support your policy reform goals in built environment.
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A Policy Strategy for Decarbonizing the Buildings Sector in India

The project “A Policy Strategy for Decarbonizing the Buildings Sector”  aims to guide the state governments in India to adopt appropriate sustainable building policies and energy codes to meet the nation’s climate action commitments of a 33-35% reduction in carbon emissions intensity/Gross Domest
    Policy Group(s):
  • Policy packages

Thermally Comfortable Affordable Housing: A Study on Residential Building Code In India

On an average, India has more than 3000 Cooling Degree Days (CDD). The multifamily public housing being constructed under India’s Prime Minister Awas Yojana (PMAY) is aimed at providing formal housing to the society’s Economic Weaker Section (EWS).
    Policy Group(s):
  • Performance approach
  • Building shell
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  • Energy efficiency, hospital, thermal comfort affordable housing Building codes