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A policy toolkit for global mass heat pump deployment

  • Date:
  • Author(s)/Creator(s):
    Dr Richard Lowes
    Duncan Gibb
    Dr Jan Rosenow
    Samuel Thomas
    Matt Malinowski
    Alexia Ross
    Peter Graham
  • Publisher(s)/Producter(s):
    Regulatory Assistance Project (RAP)®

Heat pumps are relatively simple appliances. They share similar components to refrigerators and air conditioners and effectively move an external source of heat to where it is needed, such as in buildings for heating or the production of hot water. Their key value is efficiency; for each unit of electricity consumed to operate them, they produce multiple units of usable heat. Because of this, they require much less energy input for a similar heating outcome compared to combustion technologies, making them naturally cleaner and generally cost effective to run.

The aim of this toolkit is to arm policymakers and associated interests with a suite of tools that can be used to promote heat pumps. It has been researched and written by a global team of experts from The Regulatory Assistance Project, CLASP and the Global Buildings Performance Network. The structure of the toolkit is loosely based on that of a Greek temple, with foundations and pillars, supporting a rapidly growing heat pump market. The temple image below is clickable and will take readers to relevant sections of the toolkit. Clicking on the video logo will take readers to short videos which give an overview of each relevant element of the toolkit. Together, these videos make up a short series which complements this document.

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