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Urban efficiency II: seven innovative city programmes for existing building energy efficiency

  • Date:
  • Author(s)/Creator(s):
    Gregory Trencher
    Yuko Nishida
    Frankie Downy
  • Publisher(s)/Producter(s):
    C40 Cities
    Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Environment
    CSR Design Green Investment Advisory Company

Urban Efficiency II: Seven Innovative City Programmes for Existing Building Energy Efficiency builds on research in the successful predecessor “Urban Efficiency” Report and captures seven new detailed city case studies from C40 member cities. It is primarily targeted at city-level policy makers and decision makers across the world.

The report increases the resource and evidence base available to support cities understanding of the characteristics and impact of innovative city programmes emerging across C40 cities, that advance operational energy efficiency and retrofitting in existing, privately owned buildings.

This report’s specific objectives are to identify:

  • Varying approaches, attributes and innovative features of programmes
  • Programme functions and processes by which they were designed
  • Opportunities, challenges and limitations encountered during the design and implementation of programmes, and useful countermeasures
  • Environmental, social and market impacts (either actual or potential)
Policy Quality
Urban planning
Sustainable building design and construction
Building energy codes