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The Relevance of Green Building Practice in Emerging Markets: A Perceptual Analysis of Commercial and Industrial Building Users in Ibadan, Nigeria

  • Author(s)/Creator(s):
    A. Olaleye
    T.O. Ayodele
    M.O. Komolafe
  • Publisher(s)/Producter(s):
    American Real Estate Society

In this study, we examine the operational challenges of existing green building related features/systems to develop hypotheses about factors that will increase the demand for green buildings. We test these hypotheses by examining the potential green building advantages that will influence users’ adoption of green practices and their willingness to pay. The sample included 75 commercial and industrial property users in Ibadan, Nigeria. The findings show that respondents face significant operational challenges with existing building features/systems, especially energy and water. Potential advantages relevant to business processes (reduced resource utilization, quality of work life, and ability to sell to pro-environmental customers) have a greater impact on green building demand relative to other advantages. Most respondents were willing to pay between a 1% and a 10% premium for upgrading to green building. Overall, public enlightenment, awareness, and better enabling green building practice can be improved in Nigeria.

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Personal Finance
Corporate Finance
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