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How is COVID-19 Experience Transforming Sustainability Requirements of Residential Buildings? A Review

  • Date:
  • Author(s)/Creator(s):
    Galym Tokazhanov
    Aidana Tleuken
    Mert Guney
    Ali Turkyilmaz
    Ferhat Karaca
  • Publisher(s)/Producter(s):
    Sustainability Journal

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing about changes, and alongside these, we can alter theway we design our living spaces. The need for a healthy and comfortable living space is essential tomental and physical well-being. The present study covers the most up-to-date documents, includingpeer-reviewed papers, blog posts, news, journal articles, and expert opinions, to critically reviewlessons learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and evaluates the expected changes in sustainabilityrequirements of residential buildings. Health and safety, environment, and comfort are the threemain aspects of residential buildings that have been tested during quarantines and are also expectedto experience major transformations toward sustainability. Residential houses should provide certainhealth and safety protective measures to their occupants, such as the application of new touchlesstechnologies, having proper sanitation to diminish the probability of getting infected, and developinggreener and more intimate spaces that can help recover and improve mental states. Our findingsaddress the need to reconsider sustainability requirements for residential buildings, which willprovide adequate health and safety and comfort with no significant harm to the environment.

Nazarbayev University
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