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Global status report 2016: towards zero-emission efficient and resilient buildings

  • Author(s)/Creator(s):
    Brian Dean
    John Dulac
    Ksenia Petrichenko
    Peter Graham
  • Publisher(s)/Producter(s):
    Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction

This Global Status Report by the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC) reconfirms the significance of building energy consumption as a contributor to global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It also shows that efforts to decarbonise the building sector through the implementation of comprehensive policy frameworks and the deployment of existing energy efficient technologies and building design approaches can deliver positive economic, social, health and environmental benefits. According to the report, the effective implementation of building energy policies, technologies and efficient building designs and renovations relies on reliability and accessible data as a basis for decision-making, technical-professional capability and increasing the level of awareness and demand for energy efficient and low-carbon buildings. The report concludes that some progress is being made; however, the pace and scale of actions does not match neither the need nor the urgency of the challenge. To realise the potential of the sector requires policy, technology and finance measures which will accelerate efforts in all regions. Key priorities identified in the draft GABC roadmap include: 1. Urban planning policies for energy efficiency 2. Improve the performance of existing buildings 3. Achieve net-zero operating emissions 4. Improve energy management of all buildings 5. Decarbonise energy 6. Reduce embodied energy and emissions 7. Reduce energy demand from appliances 8. Upgrade adaptation

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Construction industry
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Climate change mitigation