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Energy consumption and efficiency in buildings: current status and future trends

  • Author(s)/Creator(s):
    A. Allouhi
    Y. El Fouih
    T. Kousksou
    A. Jamil
    Y. Zeraouli
    Y. Mourad
  • Publisher(s)/Producter(s):

The building sector is considered as the biggest single contributor to world energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Therefore, a good understanding of the nature and structure of energy use in buildings is crucial for establishing the adequate future energy and climate change policies. Availability of the updated data is becoming increasingly important in order to allow a rigorous analysis. In this paper, recent data on the world energy consumption in both residential and commercial buildings are reported. Past situation, current status and future trends are discussed and analyzed for selected countries. A breakdown of buildings energy consumption is realized in order to determine the influencing key parameters. A whole section of this paper is dedicated to give an overview of measures and policies adopted by different countries, allowing the monitoring, management and reduction of the energy consumption in buildings. Critical aspects of these policies are discussed based on the feedback of the early adopters.

Institut de Recherche en Energie Solaire et Energies Nouvelles (IRESEN)
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