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Boosting renovation with an innovative service for home-owners

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    Buildings Performance Institute Europe
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    Buildings Performance Institute Europe

For building owners, the renovation process can be a hassle, shaped by the ambiguity of the measures to implement. Uncertainty is one of the reasons why the renovation rate continues to linger around 1% and private investments remain limited. Achieving the full market potential of renovation calls for a paradigm shift, where a more service-oriented supply-side together with a deeper awareness on the demand-side play key roles. The BetterHome case study shows how innovative business models can drive energy renovations across Europe.

The story of BetterHome shows how one business model can help increase renovation rate and depth across Europe. The model was created in 2014 and was profitable after just three years. Besides underlining the importance of frontrunners in the energy transition, it indicates that ambitious energy efficiency targets for the building stock are realistic and achievable. However, strong policy support is still necessary.

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