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[Project] Pushing Green Frontiers in Southeast Asia

This new partnership brings together BCA CSB’s regional network and understanding of local and regional policies and GBPN’s expertise in performance data tools and analysis. It will provide the framework for partnership projects to identify, validate and share policy and technology best-practices for reducing the energy demand from buildings in hot and humid climates.

Asian countries are experiencing rapid urbanization and with it an increased demand for comfortable, affordable and low-carbon buildings. With more than 70% of the required building stock in 2050 in emerging economies including those in South East Asia yet to be built, there are significant opportunities to meet these demands sustainably, and reduce pressure on the global climate. Building energy policies are fundamental to ensuring international best-practices can be part of mainstream building practice in this region. 
BCA CSB was formed in 2011 as a joint initiative between UNEP and the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA), to develop and deliver policy advice and outreach assistance to countries for sustainable development in the building sector. The Centre will build on its current and past projects in Southeast Asia and engage its regional network to inform project activities under this collaboration.
This MOU marks a significant steps towards more quantifiable building energy performance and benchmarking studies in Southeast Asia. The collaboration will encompass activities supporting policy development to maximise energy efficiency of individual buildings, groups of buildings, city scale projects, and other initiatives on greening of buildings and the construction supply chain.
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