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GBPN is hiring Senior Advisor – India (Consultant)

Eligibility requirement: candidates must be Indian nationals and/or residents with a valid work permit for the duration of the contract term.

About the Role

The Senior Advisor must have an awareness, respect and understanding of cross-cultural imperatives in India. You must be across the building sector policies in India with particular focus in the State of Gujarat, especially the Urban Development Body (ULB) of Ahmedabad. Your existing network of the sector is an asset to this position. 

It is vital to this position that you have a people-centred approach with bottom-top strategy, especially when dealing with ULBs/Municipal Councils. Your command of English, Gujarati and other useful regional dialects and written skills of the language must be aligned with the level of multi-lateral entities your will be engaging with ranging from Gujarat’s public service authorities, regulatory agencies, building developers, industry peak bodies, tertiary sector executive personnel, provincial community groups and others. This is necessary for effective, efficient and impactful coordination tasks.

You must be a self-starter with an ability to think on your feet and be able to navigate effectively between public sector and private stakeholders such as developers for policy implementation purposes of the Eco Niwas Samhita (ENS). Being confident in coordinating and liaising with a range of stakeholders in the building sector will be key to achieving GBPN’s strategic engagement goals in India. This role also requires an individual to be aware of managing risks and challenges that may arise due to local circumstances whether political, environmental or socio-cultural. 

A successful candidate will be an individual who displays desirable intrinsic qualities such as high level of work ethics, emotional intelligence and integrity. If you are passionate and ambitious about making a difference in climate action for the cause and communities you will be working with in India, this is an ideal career choice for you. 

Key Responsibilities 

  1. Coordinate Communication on key tasks of GBPN’s Local Expert Partners (LEPs) in India 

GBPN currently has entered into grant agreements with LEPs in India for purposes of policy planning and policy adoption tasks relating to Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (Urban) (PMAY-U) in selected States, cities and ULBs. 

  1. Develop and manage strategic relationships

GBPN is interested in enabling LEPs in India to augment coordination efforts in policy adoption and policy implementation between ULBs and the building sector in line with the ENS.

  1. Strategic Engagement and consultation with public authorities and private stakeholders

This role will involve interaction with the Ahmedabad Municipal Council as well as other cities in Gujarat. The Senior Advisor will also be liaising with other ministries and departments at the State/Centre Government levels. There will be strategic engagement and consultation with CREDAI Gujarat planned City Chapter and other private developers.

  1. Assisting GBPN Executive Team on Re-Granting tasks for LEPs

GBPN awards grant to LEPs for policy development of the ECBD-R in India. This requires administering grants and being across grant cycle processes. The Senior Advisor will be expected from time-to-time to assist the GBPN Executive Team in managing regranting and/ or grant governance processes.

  1. Monitor and report on developments of the Eco Niwas Samhita (ENS)

Monitor and report on law and policy reform of the ENS in the State of Gujarat. Track and map developments of the ENS, especially at ULB levels. Follow the trends on pitches to policy change for purposes ENS adoption and implementation. Provide evidence-based research when need be on related building and energy codes.

  1. Establish strategic communication protocols for network building

Develop communication protocols for GBPN to expand GBPN’s network and community of practice in India.

  1. Identify impactful projects and opportunities

Identify opportunities for fundraising and leveraging impactful projects related to objective key results of GBPN. 

  1. Contribute to GBPN’s Communication and Marketing strategies in India  

Contribute with an entrepreneurial approach to the GBPN’s positioning in India by promoting GBPN’s LEP engagement as an influencer and thought-leader in the field of building energy and climate policy through on-line and off-line communications strategies such as blogs, social media, journal articles and traditional media outlets. 

  1. Report writing skills

Excellent report writing skills required for purposes of communicating findings from due diligence, and consultations relevant to the ECBC-R building policies.

  1. Working as a team member and independently

The Senior Advisor’s responsibility includes working collaboratively with the GBPN Executive Team while at the same time working independently with LEPs and other stakeholder groups in India.

About the candidate’s work experience 

This is a new role being created to assist with the coordination of program management tasks of GBPN’s Program Manager with clear and ambitious objectives. The ideal candidate will therefore be someone who thrives on this challenge, is creative, entrepreneurial, open-minded, has a sense of humour and is self-motivated. Your past and current work experience that may scaffold you to this role may include:

  • 5 years or more work experience in India, especially in Ahmedabad, Gujarat in urban governance, building policy planning, policy adoption, policy implementation mechanisms and prior knowledge of PMAY-U.

  • Strategic communication, strategic engagement, business development in international program implementation and management, providing technical policy advice and coordinating networks of experts in climate-related building and urban issues in India. 

  • Well networked with local authorities and/or understand local authority structure and decision-making processes at Municipal levels.

  • Familiar with regulatory regimes of the building sector or able to gain regulatory information expediently.

  • Working knowledge of existing and emerging law and policy, especially the ENS and PMAY-U of the building sector in India.

  • Knowledge of affordable housing sector overall and the way PMAY-U is operationalized and implemented in India.

  • Working knowledge of the current status of PMAY-U In Gujarat: the reforms undertaken and the implementation mechanisms followed.

  • Attention to detail in governance correspondence and administrative tasks.

  • Demonstrated on-the-ground experience in managing complex negotiations with public sector, private sector and industry bodies with competing interests.

  • Experience in facilitating meetings following the protocol and decorum expected in Indian cross-cultural formal meeting environment.

  • Ability to translate big-picture objectives into achievable goals, milestones and results.

  • Ability to work autonomously to achieve results with minimal supervision.

  • Strong interpersonal and listening skills.

  • Ability to maintain composure, flexibility and a sense of humour when under pressure.

  • Fluency in English and Gujarati is essential and knowledge of regional language is desirable. 

Contract Terms, Indicative Key Milestones, Professional Fees & Location

The Senior Advisor will have a Consultancy arrangement with GBPN as an independent contractor and not that of an employee. We welcome and prioritize applicants with work experience with the Ahmedabad Municipal Council.  The candidate shall have full responsibility for compliance with all applicable labor and employment requirements with respect to Consultant’s self-employment, sole proprietorship or other form of business organization. The consultant needs to be indemnified for public liability during the course of the consultancy and ensure there is no conflict of interest with on-going clients/consulting assignments if successfully selected.

Indicative key milestones include:

  • Adoption and implementation of a Toolkit developed by GBPN's LEPs in India which would facilitate and empower the adoption, compliance and enforcement of ENS in affordable housing projects in Gujarat.

  • Establish strategic engagement between selected public authorities and private developers for purposes of demonstration projects in accordance with ENS.

  • Facilitating adoption, enforcement and compliance of ENS at the ULB level.

This is a fixed-term Consultancy contract for one (1) year, subject to review after six (6) months. The contract is based on the submission of deliverables based on an agreed schedule that will be discussed during the engagement process. The submission of a monthly activity report indicating work done, and key deliverables for the given month will be required. 

The Consultant will be working from its regular place of work, using its own equipment (laptop, etc) and will not require office space from GBPN. This position is based in Gujarat, preferably in Ahmedabad. Frequent travel within India, and working with colleagues internationally, outside normal working hours and across time-zones is required. Expenses or travel expenses must arise from work activities agreed with GBPN and be in direct relation with the deliverables. Expenses must be authorized by GBPN ahead of incurring any costs.

GBPN would like to start the position by 31 August 2020 or earlier.

Instructions for Responding to this Request

Please provide an application, in English, including:

  • A proposal providing a work plan with reference to the Key Responsibilities and attributes that supports your application for the role.

  • Expected consultancy fees in U.S. Dollars for the services and work described.

  • An updated CV and cover letter detailing your work experience and qualifications to perform the role, including description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions. Please keep your response brief when describing your suggested approach or past work experiences that are in alignment with the Key Responsibilities. 

  • At least 3 references in your CV, preferably one from an international organization in India or overseas. 

  • Please indicate in your proposal your earliest commencement date and availability over the anticipated period of contract as well as your daily fee in U.S. Dollars.

Closing date for applications and enquiries

Please send your application by 24 August 2020 to: and stating Senior Advisor – India in the subject line. 

For enquiries on the position, please contact Jeswynn Yogaratnam, GBPN Strategic Engagement and Policy Program Manager,


Please note that the review and selection process is expected to commence as soon as we receive applications from suitable candidates for the position.